10 Things About…Madame Monsieur!

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Madame Monsieur

Madame Monsieur will represent France at Eurovision 2018. Here are ten fun facts about the duo to help you get to know them better!

1. Madame Monsieur is a French duo consisting of vocalist Émilie Satt and producer, keyboardist and guitarist Jean-Karl Lucas.

2. Satt and Lucas first met in 2008, and formed Madame Monsieur in 2013. As well as performing together, the duo are also married.

3. The group’s musical style has described as electro-pop but they also dabble in rap. The band have been likened such artists as Christine and The Queens and Metric.

4. Their ideal collaboration would be with Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce.

5. The duo released their debut album ‘Tandem’ on 4 November 2016.

6. In 2015, they composed the song ‘Smile’ for the French rapper Youssoupha. They remark that the collaboration propelled them into the limelight and sped up the trajectory of their career.

7. Due to the collaboration with Youssoupha, Madame Monsieur were invited to participate in the prestigious French music TV show Taratata which showcases the best in recent French music.

8. The band’s singles include the songs ‘You Make Me Smile’, ‘Égérie’, ‘See Ya’ feat. S.Pri Noir, ‘Morts ou vifs’ feat. Jok’Air and Ibrahim Maalouf, ‘Partir’ and ‘Tournera’ feat. Youssoupha.

9. In January 2018, Madame Monsieur participated in the French Eurovision selection show Destination Eurovision. The duo won their semi final, progressing to the live final a week later. They impressed both the juries and the voting public and won the contest with 186 points, a full 24 points ahead of second place.

10. ‘Mercy’ is a song about a girl named Mercy who was born in the midst of the European migrant crisis. A translation of the French lyrics read ‘I was born this morning/My name is Mercy/They offered me a hand/And I’m alive/I am all those children/Who were taken by the sea/I’ll live a hundred thousand years/My name is Mercy.’

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