Slovenia’s EMA 2018 Semi Final Results!

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

Manuella Slovenia Red and Blue Eurovision NI 2016The Slovenian Eurovision selection process EMA 2018 kicked off this evening with the semi final round. Find out which eight songs have advanced to next week’s grand Final!

The eight acts advancing to the final are BQL, Ina Shai, Indigo, Lara Kadis, Lea Sirk, Marina Martensen, Proper and Nuska Drascek. Among the acts being eliminated were Eurovision 2015 representative for Slovenia ManuElla and previous Slovenian EMA contender KiNG FOO.

The full results are below:

Anabel- ‘Pozitiva’
BQL- ‘Ptica’
Gregor Ravnik- ‘Zdaj je čas’
Ina Shai- ‘V nebo’
Indigo- ‘Vesna’
KiNG FOO- ‘Žive sanje’
Lara Kadis- ‘Zdaj sem tu’
Lea Sirk- ‘Cirque’
ManuElla- ‘Dan potem’
Marina Martensson- ‘Blizu’
MILA- ‘Svoboda’
Nika Zorjan- ‘Uspavanka’
Nuška Drašček- ‘Ne zapusti me zdaj’
Orter- ‘Tisoč let’
Proper- ‘Ukraden cvet’
Tanja Ribič- ‘Ljudje’

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