10 Things About…Aisel!

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Who is Aisel? You may have heard recently the announcement that she is to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2018, but what is her musical style? What makes her tick? Find out more about the singer with our 10 Things About…Guide!

1. Aisel Mammadova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1989 and performs under the mononym Aisel.

2. She was born into a family of singers and performers, with music being a strong influence in her life since her early childhood.

3. Aisel studied at BulBul, a musical secondary school and in 2010 she graduated from Azerbaijan’s State Conservatory.

4. Over the years Aisel has participated in several musical festivals including the Caspian Jazz & Blues Festival (2002), the Baku International Jazz festival (2005/2006), the MuzEnergo Festival of Music Improvisation (2007), the Montreux Jazz Festival (2009) and the Caucasus Jazz Festival (2012).

5. As well as being a singer, Aisel also composes and arranges her own music and she can also play the piano.

6. Throughout her career Aisel has received classes from renowned musicians, including Alexandre Coppaloni and Deborah Carter.

7. Aisel is an international artist having performed at prestigious music events and festivals in Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Israel, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy.

8. Among Aisel’s hits are the songs ‘My Only’, ‘Others’, You are in Me’ and ‘Gravity’.

9. Aisel was chosen to represent Azerbaijan by an internal jury on the 8 November 2017. She will be the eleventh representative for the nation.

10. When Aisel was selected to sing at Eurovision 2018 she said that: ‘I would like to thank everyone for their warm and sincere wishes, and I have a wonderful opportunity to represent my country at the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s a great honor for me, and I will do my best to make proud everyone who believes and supports me.’

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