Poll Results: Slovenia EMA 2018!

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Manuella Slovenia Red and Blue Eurovision NI 2016Slovenia’s national selection EMA 2018 gets under way tomorrow night with the first show- the semi final. Before that, we reveal the results of the poll which you have been voting in since the songs were unveiled last week. 

Topping the poll with 23.33% of the vote was Manuella who actually won the competition back in 2016 with ‘Blue and Red’. Can she win for a second time with ‘Dan potem’? Runner up in the poll was BQL with 16% and Orter came third with 12.67%. The full results are below:

1. ManuElla- ‘Dan potem’ (23.33%)

2. BQL- ‘Ptica’ (16.00%)

3. Orter- ‘Tisoč let’ (12.67%)4. Anabel- ‘Pozitiva’ (8.67%)

5. MILA- ‘Svoboda’ (8.00%)

6. Lara Kadis- ‘Zdaj sem tu’ (4.67%)

7. Lea Sirk- ‘Cirque’ (4.67%)

8. KiNG FOO- ‘Žive sanje’ (4.00%)

9. Marina Martensson- ‘Blizu’ (4.00%)

10. Nika Zorjan- ‘Uspavanka’ (3.33%)

11. Nuška Drašček- ‘Ne zapusti me zdaj’ (3.33%)

12. Tanja Ribič- ‘Ljudje’ (2.00%)13. Gregor Ravnik- ‘Zdaj je čas’ (2.00%)

14. Indigo- ‘Vesna’ (2.00%)

15. Ina Shai- ‘V nebo’ (0.67%)

16. Proper- ‘Ukraden cvet’ (0.67%)


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