Belarus Chooses Alekseev for Eurovision 2018!

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Earlier this evening the ten acts competing to be Belarus’ entry for Eurovision 2018 took to the stage for the live final. It was to be ten but Sofi Lapina withdrew due to claims of corruption regarding Alekseev’s song being available in Russian prior to the 1 September cut off point. Only one could be named the winner and the nation opted for ‘Forever’ by Alekseev. Read on for the full results!Alekseev proved popular with both the jury and the televoters receiving full marks for both giving him a total of 24 points, ten points more than second and third place.


1. Alekseev- ‘Forever’ (24 points)

2. Shuma- ‘Hmarki’ (14 points)

3. Gunesh- ‘I Will Not Cry’ (14 points)

4. Napoli- ‘Chasing Rushes’ (13 points)

5. Kirill Good- ‘Deja Vu’ (13 points)

6. Radiovolna- ‘Subway Lines’ (12 points)

7. Anastasia- ‘World On Fire’ (12 points)

8. Lexy- ‘Ain’t You’ (7 points)

9. Alen Hit- ‘I Do Not Care’ (6 points)

10. Adagio- ‘You and I’ (2 points)

Sofi Lapina- ‘Gravity’ (withdrawn)

Listen to the winning song here:

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