10 Things About…Cesar Sampson!

Cesar Sampson will represent Austria at Eurovision 2018! Get to know the singer better with 10 fun facts about him, his career and his life so far!

1. Cesár Sampson (born 18 August 1983) is an Austrian singer/songwriter from Linz.

2. Cesar’s first began exploring music through his love of dance. He comments that: ‘I initially came in contact with music through rhythm and dance. Both came to me very naturally, and I thought of myself as a percussionist long before I was a professional vocalist. To this day I start my songwriting process by singing rhythmical gibberish, getting the groove and vibration of it all right, until suddenly actual words flow in.’

3. This link between dance and music is explored further as Cesar has performed as one of the backing singer’s on Austrian TV show Dancing With the Stars.

4. In his early career, at the age of seventeen, he started touring the world as the lead singer for some of Austria’s most internationally acclaimed alternative music acts (Kruder & Dorfmeister, Sofa Surfers, Louie Austen).

5. After that he mainly worked from behind the scenes of the music business, as a songwriter, lyricist and vocal producer in various international productions. In Austria he wrote Louie Austen’s latest album ‘What a comeback!’.

6. More recently he has performed as part of the collective Symphonix International and Electric Church.

7. He will sing ‘Nobody but You’ composed by Boris Milanov and Sebastian Arman (Symphonix). They are the team who have been behind the Eurovision entries for Bulgaria in recent years including second place ‘Beautiful Mess’ (2017) and fourth place ‘If Love Was A Crime’ (2016). Cesar was also involved in providing the backing vocals on both of these occasions.

8. In a radio interview following the announcement that he would represent Austria at Eurovision 2018, he performed a medley of Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ and Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’.

9. As well as being a singer, Cesar is an accomplished model, registered to a Slovakian model agency.

10. He is not just a pretty face either. Cesar has explored the link between music and being able to assist people with physical impairments. ‘When I turned twenty, I reached a point where I felt I wanted to be more than just a musician, I needed a deeper motivation. So I centered the following years around social work as a physical therapist, and in particular, working with people with disabilities and handicaps. After that I came back to music with a totally different approach to it all.’

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