10 Things About…Eugent Bushpepa!

10 Things About...

Albania have chosen Eugent Bushpepa as their artist for Eurovision 2018. Find out more about the singer with our 10 Things About…Eugent Bushpepa feature!

  1. Eugent Bushpepa was born on 2 July 1984 in Rrëshen in Albania.
  2. His love for music began at an early age. When he finished high school he moved from Albania to Italy and when he returned a few years later he began pursuing music as a career when he joined an Albanian talk show on Top Channel as a singer.
  3. Using this as a platform he was able to carve out a career for himself and slowly establish himself as one of the best known singers in Albania.
  4. In 2007 Eugent entered Albanian song competition Top Fest with the rock song ‘Maska e Madheshtise’. He did not win.
  5. Not to be deterred, in the following year he entered another song contest, the 47th edition of Festivali I Kenges. This time he performed alongside Rovena Dilo with song ‘S’jam balade’. They placed twelfth.
  6. Eugent made a return to Top Fest and competed a total of seven times in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015. He also returned to Festivali I Kenges in 2017 and won with his song ‘Mall’ which will represent Albania at Eurovision 2018.
  7. Bushpepa has a history of supporting big international bands on the Albanian leg of their world tours. This has included Deep Purple in 2007, Duff McKagan in June 2011 and even saw him perform with Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist Ron Thal at a beer festival in August 2013.
  8. In 2014 Eugent joined the band Darkology as their vocalist. During this time they supported Overkill in their Kill Fest 2014 tour around Europe.
  9. Bushpepa has made no albums to date and has only released singles. He has declared many times that he is working on his first album, but it has never materialised.
  10. Since 2014 the Albanian national selection show Festivali I Kenges sees the acts compete with songs in Albanian, but these are usually later translated into English to compete at Eurovision and are even drastically changed from the original. This year however it has been confirmed that ‘Mall’ will remain in Albanian.

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