San Marino’s 1 in 360 airs first show!

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

The San Marino selection process for Eurovision 2018, 1 in 360, aired the first of their pre-recorded webcasts this evening. While there were no eliminations the program acted as a showcase for the eleven artists competing in the contest to debut their songs for the first time and to give us a better sense of them as an artist. Check out the first performances below:

San Marino 1 in 360:

1. Emma Sandström- ‘Diamonds’

2. IROL feat. Jessika- ‘Stuck Without Me’

3. Giovanni Montalbano- ‘Per quello che mi dai’

4. Basti- ‘Moonlight’

5. Judah Gavra- ‘Stay’

6. Tinashe Makura- ‘We Are One’

7. Jessika feat. IROL- ‘Who We Are’

8. Sara de Blue- ‘Until the Morning Light’

9. Jenifer Brening- ‘Sorry’

10. Franklin Calleja- ‘Best Years of Our Lives’

11. Camilla North- ‘Free Yourself’

These eleven contenders for San Marino will return with a second set of songs for the second of their shows on 16 February before the grand final on 3 March.

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