Results: Estonia’s Eesti Laul 2018 Semi Final 1

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

Juri Pootsmann Estonia Eurovision 2016Tonight saw the start of the Estonian national selection show for Eurovision 2018. In the first semi final of Eesti Laul, ten songs battled it out but only half of the field could make it to the final in two weeks’ time. Find out who made the cut!The five acts advancing to the final of Eesti Laul are Vaje, Iiris and Agoh, Sibyl Vane, Stig Rasta and Elina Netsajava. The full results of the first semifinal are below:

Vajé- ‘Laura (Walk with Me)’
Iiris & Agoh- ‘Drop That Boogie’

Etnopatsy- ‘Külm’
Sibyl Vane- ‘Thousand Words’
Aden Ray- ‘Everybody’s Dressed’
Tiiu x Okym x Semy- ‘Näita oma energiat’
Stig Rästa- ‘Home’
Miljardid- ‘Pseudoprobleem’
Desiree- ‘On My Mind’
Elina Netšajeva- ‘La Forza’

These five songs will be joined in the final by the five acts that make it through the second semi final next weekend.

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