Poll Results: Denmark’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018!

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dmgp denmark eurovision 2017Ten songs will battle it out in the final of tomorrow’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. But before Denmark decide who will represent them at Eurovision 2018, we had asked you for your opinion in our poll. Find out the results!

Your favourite song was ‘Unfound’ by Lasse Meling. It topped the poll with 17.33% of the vote. Second place went to Karui with ‘Signals’ receiving 14.67% while Sannie’s ‘Boys on Girls’ completed the top three with 14%. The full result are below:

1. Lasse Meling- ‘Unfound’ (17.33%)

2. Karui- ‘Signals’ (14.67%)

3. Sannie- ‘Boys on Girls’ (14.00%)

4. Carlsen- ‘Standing Up for Love’ (12.67%)

5. Anna Dilsmar- ‘Starlight’ (10.67%)

6. Albin Fredy- ‘Music for the Road’ (8.67%)

7. Rasmussen- ‘Higher Ground’ (7.33%)

8. Ditte Marie- ‘Riot’ (6.67%)9. Rikke Ganer Tolsoe- ‘Holder fast i ingentig’ (4.67%)

10. Sandra- ‘Angels to my Battlefield’ (3.33%)

Remember to tune in tomorrow night to find out who it is Denmark will choose!

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