It’s Christabelle for Malta at Eurovision 2018!

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Earlier this evening sixteen acts battled it out to be Malta’s pick for Eurovision 2018. The results are in and the winning song was ‘Taboo’. The song will be performed by Christabelle in Lisbon in May.
Christabelle Borg won both the jury vote, scoring twelve points with all five jurors and also topped the televote. She came out on top with 133 points a full 35 points ahead of Richard and Joe Micallef whose song ‘Song For Dad’ came second. The favourite to win Brooke Borg only could manage third place for ‘Heart of Gold’ which scored 84 points. The full results are below:

1. Christabelle Borg- ‘Taboo’ (133 points)

2. Richard and Joe Micallef- ‘Song For Dad’ (98 points)

3. Brooke Borg- ‘Heart of Gold’ (84 points)

4. AIDAN- ‘Dai Laga’ (42 points)

5. Eleanor Cassar- ‘Back to Life’ (36 points)

6. Petra Whiteford- ‘Evolution’ (33 points)

7. Matthew Anthony- ‘Call 2morrow’ (32 points)

8. Jasmine Abela- ‘Supernovas’ (31 points)

9. Avenue Sky- ‘We Can Run’ (16 points)

10. Dwett- ‘Breaking Point’ (15 points)

11. Miriana Conte- ‘Rocket’ (14 points)

12. Rhiannon Micallef- ‘Beyond Blue Horizons’ (14 points)

13. Deborah C- ‘Turn It Up’ (13 points)

14. Tiziana Calleja- ‘First Time’ (12 points)

15. Lawrence Gray- ‘Love Renegade’ (7 points)

16. Danica Muscat- ‘One Step at a Time’ (3 points)

The Eurovision selections are coming in quick now with Switzerland also selecting their act tonight. They join Albania, France, Spain and Czech Republic who have already chosen their songs. Listen to the winning song below:

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