New Music Round Up: January 2018!

New Music Round Up

New year, new you Eurovision alum songs! Here are nine songs from Eurovision stars of the past few years released this month. Listen to the new tracks from the likes of Svala, Poli Genova, Nathan Trent, Robin Bengtsson and Joci Papai and see what we make of their new music!

Blissful (Svala)- ‘Find a Way’


Despite a great song, Svala didn’t make it through to the final of Eurovision 2017 for Iceland with her song ‘Paper’. She is back with her synth band Blissful and drops a new track called ‘Find a Way’. The song is similar to Blissful’s previous releases ‘Elevate’ and ‘Make It Better’. It uses a vocoder to alter Svala’s voice, adding a robotic echo which fits perfectly with the electronic vibe set up with the keyboards and drums throughout. The song harks back to ’00s electropop dance music artists such as Robyn, LaRoux and Little Boots while also being rooted in the synth-pop origins of the 1980s.

Poli Genova- ‘Mr President’


Poli Genova delivered Bulgaria’s best Eurovision result to date in 2016 when ‘If Love Was A Crime’ came fourth. Since then she’s been working on new music and her latest release gets political…well not really. ‘Mr President’ is a bilingual bop that for the most part is in Bulgarian but has some lines in English as well. Mixed in with impactful drum beats, Poli’s vocal effectively showcases an empowering tirade on a lover who has wronged her and finishes with the dramatic line ‘Now you know I am Poli!’.

Emma Marrone- ‘L’Isola’


Emma Marone was the Italian representative in 2014. ‘La Mia Citta’ was better than its 21st place finish. Emma has released a string of hits since Eurovision, most notably the duet with Alvaro Soler ‘Libre’ which was one of our favourite tracks of 2016. 2018 and Emma has been back in the studio, the result is the first track in two years ‘L’isola’. The song is a breathy ballad that strays from her usual pop with attitude. It is understated but risks becoming boring.

Nathan Trent- ‘Won’t Let You Go’


Nathan Trent did Austria proud in 2017, returning the nation to the Eurovision final and a 16th place finish for his song ‘Running On Air’. Having released the follow up track ‘Good Vibes’ last year, his next venture sees him team up with Poptracker for ‘Won’t Let You Go’. It sees Nathan go from strength to strength and sees him make a name for himself as a purveyor of cracking pop tracks. Nathan’s vocals are as always on point and an enthusiastic melody and catchy chorus means he’s on to another hit with this one.

Kristian Kostov- ‘The One (I Need You)’


Kristian Kostov continued Bulgaria’s competitive streak begun by Poli Genova. His song ‘Beautiful Mess’ improved on Poli’s fourth place when it came in second last year. Kristian’s latest track is called ‘The One (I Need You)’ and sees Kristian continue to do his best Justin Bieber impression. The song is EDM with elements of reggaeton, brass sections, but is essentially a mid tempo ballad that is annoyingly repetitive with the ‘really really wanna know’ refrain and his video is so corny, it makes me really really really wanna puke, really really wanna puke, really really wanna puke.

Robin Bengtsson- ‘Day By Day’


At Eurovision 2017 Robin Bengtsson expressed how he ‘Can’t Go On’ and gave Sweden another top five finish. Maybe he’s found a new coping strategy and he can go on after all but only ‘Day By Day’. This is the name of his next single. The song has a bit of a gospel vibe with the tinkling of piano keys and a vocal that could rival John Legend. On the bridge of the song, Robin is joined by Gospel Choir backing vocals. The effect is a beautifully raw song.

Hadise- ‘Sifir Tolerans’


Hadise had one of the most memorable high octane performances at Eurovision in recent years. Everyone remembers ‘Dum Dum Tek’ as it hurtled its way to fourth place at Eurovision 2009 for Turkey. Nine years on from her Eurovision appearance and Hadise has released four more albums and topped the Turkish singles charts five times. Her most recent attempt ‘Sifir Tolerans’, while a little dated, reminds us that we miss Turkey and Eurovision and yearn for their return!

Joci Papai- ‘Tavol’


Joci Papai’s infectious yodeling on his track ‘Origo’ gave Hungary an eighth place finish at Eurovision 2017. Joci is back this year with his new track ‘Tavol’. He picks up where he left off with ‘Origo’ and sees him return to his warbling yodelling vocal, ethnic eastern drum beats and horns mixed with more modern western influences with some electronic and is a solid follow up single.

Nadav Guedj- ‘Ulay Nedaber’


‘Golden Boy’ Nadav Guedj follows up his top ten Eurovision 2015 performance and eponymous debut album up with a new track entitled ‘Ulay Nedaber’. Like his previous releases since Eurovision, they haven’t quite lived up to the banger that was ‘Golden Boy’. ‘Ulay Nedaber’ also falls short. The slow song is reminiscent of boy band 3rd Wish’s song ‘Obsession’. By the time we get to the chorus, the song takes on a jazzy crooner vibe and does show off the youthful vigour and cheeky personality that we grew to love during his Eurovision performance. We didn’t even get as far as three minutes, bye bye.

Great Salome- ‘Wildfire’


Greta Salome is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists. Not only does she have two impressive Eurovision appearances under her belt ‘Hear Them Calling’ (2016) and the 2012 duet with Jonsi ‘Never Forget’ but all her recent releases have been incredible. Her recent catalogue of hits (all of which were included in our Song of the Year Competition) include ‘Row’ (5th Song of 2016), ‘Running Out of Time’ (16th Song of 2017) and ‘My Blues’ (5th in Song of 2017) which featured Game of Thrones’ The Mountain. She continues her endless string of hits with new release ‘Wildfire’. This time she teams up with rapper Tiny to deliver an accomplished pop song with an anthemic chorus with an infectious drum beat.

Rykka- ‘Youth is Wasted’


Rykka may have failed to make the final of Eurovision 2016 with song ‘Last of Our Kind’, but since then the Swiss-Canadian singer’s career has gone from strength to strength. Her follow up single ‘Bad Boy’ was runner up in our Song of 2016 Competition, while her latest effort sees her continue on a path of poppy greatness! The song ‘Youth is Wasted’ is a slow, synthy pop track with an electronic vocal and an infectious refrain that reflects on how you don’t always appreciate the freedom of youth.

Check out more new tracks from your favourite Eurovision stars next month!

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