Israel Eliminates another act from Israel’s Rising Star!

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Israel got another step closer to choosing their Eurovision participant for 2018 this evening when Israel’s Rising Star hosted another show which eliminated one more act, giving us a top eight. Getting eliminated this week was Jose Steinberg.

For the latest edition of the selection show, Israel’s Rising Star introduced a new element: The Elimination Chair. The nine remaining acts took it in turn to perform with the act with the lowest score having to sit in the Elimination Chair. They had to remain here until another performer received a lower score. The act sitting in the chair at the end of the episode was eliminated. This was Jose Steinberg. The full results are below:

Israel’s Rising Star Elimination Chair Results

Adva Omer- ‘Alabina’ (63%)

Riki Ben Ari- ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ (88%)

Chen Aharoni- ‘Grenade’ (86%)

Jonathan Mergui- ‘Roar’ (89%)

Jose Steinberg- ‘Smooth’ (62%)

Howie Danao- ‘Troublemaker’ (75%)

Netta Barzilai- ‘Barbie Girl’ (70%)

Ravit Batashvili- ‘Elaich’ (79%)

Eden Meiri- ‘Haperach Begani’ (79%)

Which of the remaining hopefuls would you like to see win Israel’s Rising Star 2018?

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