It’s Madame Monsieur for France at Eurovision 2018!

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

For the past three weeks France have been engaged in their Eurovision selection show for 2018. Destination Eurovision completed its run this evening with the live final. Eight acts who had qualified from the two semi finals battled it out to be named the French Eurovision pick for 2018. In the end it was Madame Monsieur who was triumphant. They will represent France in Lisbon in May with the song ‘Mercy’.The Final saw the eight acts perform their Eurovision song again as well as a special duet with a guest performer. Points were then awarded by both the international jury, french judges and the voting public. Winning with a total of 190 points was Madame Monsieur’s song ‘Mercy’. Lisandro Cuxi was in second place (162 points) for ‘Eva’ and Malo’ rounded out the top three with ‘Ciao’ scoring 117 points. The full results are below.

1. Madame Monsieur- ‘Mercy’ (Total- 190 points)

2. Lisandro Cuxi- ‘Eva’ (Total- 162 points)

3. Malo’- ‘Ciao’ (Total- 117 points)

4. Emmy Liyana- ‘OK ou KO’ (Total- 112 points)

5. Igit- ‘Lisboa Jerusalem’ (Total- 110 points)

6.Max Cinnamon- ‘Ailleurs’ (Total-  90 points)

7. Nassi- ‘Reve De Gamin’ (Total-  48 points)

8. Louka- ‘Mamma Mia’ (Total- 15 points)

France are the second nation to confirm their song for Eurovision 2018. They join Albania who chose Eugent Bushpepa’s ‘Mall’ before Christmas. Listen to the winning song below:


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