Hungary A Dal Show 2: Results

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Hungary continued the search for their Eurovision 2018 participant tonight with the second heat of their selection show A Dal. Ten songs competed for six spots in the next round. Read on to find out who made it!

The voting took place over two rounds. The first round of voting saw five acts qualify based on a combination of scores from each judge and an aggregate score from a viewer vote based on scores submitted through SMS, mobile app and online voting. In the second round of voting, the remaining five entries that were not in the initial top five face a public vote in order to determine one additional qualifier.

Qualifying from the first round were Gergely Danielfy, AWS, yesyes, Gabor Heincz Biga and Odett. While SativuS advanced from the second round of votes. Nene, Peet Project, Viki Singh and Maya and Peti have been eliminated. The full results are below:

1. Gergely Danielfy – ‘Azt mondtad’ (45 points)
2. AWS- ‘Viszlat nyar’ (45 points)
3. yesyes- ‘I Let You Run Away’ (43 points)
4. Gabor Heincz Biga- ‘Good Vibez’ (43 points)
5. Odett- ‘Aranyhal’ (39 points)
6. Nene- ‘Mese a kiralyrol’ (37 points)
7. Peet Project- ‘Runaround’ (36 points)
8. Viki Singh- ‘Buttefly House’ (34 points)
9. SativuS- ‘Lusta lany’ (34 points)
10. Maya n Peti- ‘Nekem te’ (30 points)

These six acts have advanced to the next round along with the six from the first heat last week. The competition will continue next weekend when ten more acts will be vying for the six spots in the next round.

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