Poll Results: You Think It Should be Madame Monsieur for France!

Tomorrow night France’s selection show for Eurovision 2018 ‘Destination Eurovision’ will come to its conclusion and will crown a winning artist and song. Ahead of that we had been asking you to vote for your favourite song in our poll. The poll has now closed and we can reveal the results.

Topping the poll with 30.95% of the vote was Madame Monsieur with their song ‘Mercy’, Emmy Liyana came in second place with her song ‘OK ou KO’ and in third overall was Max Cinnamon’s ‘Ailleurs’. The full results of the poll are below:

1. Madame Monsieur- ‘Mercy’ (30.95%)

2. Emmy Liyana- ‘OK ou KO’ (19.84%)

3. Max Cinnamon- ‘Ailleurs’ (15.87%)

4. Malo’- ‘Ciao’ (11.9%)

5. Nassi- ‘Reve De Gamin’ (8.73%)

6. Lisandro Cuxi- ‘Eva’ (5.56%)

7. Igit- ‘Lisboa Jerusalem’ (4.76%)

8. Louka- ‘Mamma Mia’ (2.38%)


Tune in from 20.55 CET tomorrow night to find out which act France has chosen!

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