Ranking: Spain’s Operacion Triunfo Contenders

Eurovision Guide 2016, News, Ranking

Barei Spain Eurovision 2016On Monday evening Spain will play host to their Eurovision Gala edition of Operacion Triunfo which will decide which act and song will represent the nation at Eurovision 2018. Before that we take a look at the contenders, rate them out of ten and rank them in order of worst to best.

9. Aitana- ‘Arde’ (It Burns)


8. Amaia- ‘Al Cantar’ (When Singing)


7. OT- ‘Camina’ (Walk)


6. Amaia and Alfred- ‘Tu Cancion’ (Your Song)


5. Miriam- ‘Lejos de tu Piel’ (Away from your Skin)


4. Miriam and Agoney- ‘Magia’ (Magic)


3. Ana Guerra- ‘El Remedia’ (The Remedy)


2. Alfred- ‘Que Nos Sigan Las Luces’ (The Lights Continue)


1. Ana Guerra and Aitana- ‘Chico Malo’ (Bad Boy)


Which song is your favourite? Listen to all the songs here and vote in our poll below!

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