Romania’s Selecta Nationala Semi Final 1 Results


ilinca romania eurovision 2017Tonight, Romania began their Eurovision 2018 selection process with the first of their five semi finals for Selecta Nationala. Tweleve acts battled it out for the three spots in the final (25 February) including last year’s pick for Romania Alex Florea. But who made the cut? Read on to see the results!Three of the acts were selected by the jury to advance to the final. They were:

  1. Alexia & Matei- ‘Walking on Water’ (53 points)
  2. Echoes- ‘Mirror’ (38 points)
  3. Eduard Santha- ‘Me som romales’ (35 points)
  4. Johnny Badulescu- ‘Devoted’ (34 points)
  5. Alex Florea- ‘Nobody Told Me It Would Hurt’ (28 points)
  6. Elena Turcu- ‘The Perfect Fall’ (27 points)
  7. Lina- ‘A Love Worth Falling For’ (24 points)
  8. Hellen- ‘From Underneath’ (22 points)
  9. Liviu Anghel- ‘Rise Up’ (20 points)
  10. Waleska- ‘Reborn’ (7 points)
  11. CornEL- ‘Take Me Away’ (2 points)
  12. Tom Hartis- ‘Teardrop Rain’ (withdrawn due to health reasons)

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