Ranking: Latvia Supernova 2018!

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In December Latvian broadcaster revealed the songs that will compete at Supernova 2018. We have had a listen to the 21 songs and have ranked them in order of which we liked best!

21. Lauris Valters- ‘Lovers Bliss’


20. Ritvars- ‘Who’s Counting’


 19. Riga Reggae- ‘STOP THE WAR U2’


18. Rahu the Fool- ‘Oh, Longriver’


17. Katrina Gupalo & The Black Birds- ‘Intoxicating Caramel’


16. MADARA- ‘Esamiba’


15. MIONIA- ‘You’


 14. Ed Rallidae- ‘What I Had With You’


13. Kris and Oz- ‘Morning Flight’


12. Agnese Stengrevics- ‘You Are My World’


11. Jenny May- ‘Soledad’


10. Monta- ‘1000 Roses’


9. Sudden Lights- ‘Just Fine’


8. In My Head- ‘Sunset’


7. Hypnotic- ‘Pray’


6. Laura Rizzotto- ‘Funny Girl’


5. DVINES- ‘More Than Meets The Eye’


4. Liene Greifaune- ‘Walk the Talk’


3. Katrine Lukins- ‘Running Red Lights’


2. Edgars Kreilis- ‘Younger Days’


1. Markus Riva- ‘This Time’


Do you agree with our ranking? Vote in our poll and tell us which songs are your favourite!

2 thoughts on “Ranking: Latvia Supernova 2018!

    1. There’s a good six or seven absolutely terrible songs on the list. The rest are average to middling. I wish they’d just give Markus Riva his turn so he can stop trying lol.


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