Ranking: Estonia’s 20 Eesti Laul 2018 Songs!

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Juri Pootsmann Estonia Eurovision 2016Twenty songs will compete in the Estonian selection show for Eurovision 2018 next month. Before that we take a look at all of the contenders, rate them out of ten and rank them from our least favourite to our favourite. Read on to find out which one we liked best!

20. Elina Netšajeva- ‘La Forza’


 19. Eliis Pärna & Gerli Padar- ‘Sky’


 18. Marju Lanik- ‘Täna Otsuseid Ei Tee’


17. Metsakutsu- ‘Koplifornia’


 16. Aden Ray- ‘Everybody’s Dressed’


 15. Tiiu x Okym x Semy- ‘Näita Oma Energiat’


14. Miljardid- ‘Pseudoprobleem’


13. Evestus- ‘Welcome to My World’


 12. Frankie Animal- ‘(Can’t Keep Calling) Misty’


 11. Rolf Roosalu- ‘Show a Little Love’


 10. Indrek Ventmann- ‘Tempel’


 9. Nika- ‘Knock Knock’


 8. Girls In Pearls- ‘Spellbound’


7. Karl Kristjan & Karl Killing (feat. Wateva)- ‘Young’


 6. Stig Rästa- ‘Home’


 5. Etnopatsy- ‘Külm’


4. Desiree- ‘On My Mind’


 3. Iiris & Agoh- ‘Drop That Boogie’


 2. Vajé- ‘Laura (Walk With Me)’


1. Sibyl Vane- ‘Thousand Words’


Do you agree? Vote for your favourite in our poll!

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