Lithuania’s Eurovizijos 2018 Show 2 Results!


Lithuania’s Eurovision selection continued tonight with the second heat episode of Eurovizijos 2018. The episode saw twelve acts compete, with six advancing to the next stage.
Saules Kliosas’ song ‘Man Gaila’ received 12 points from the jury while Paula’s ‘1,2,3’ got the highest score from the televote. Both qualified tying with Twosome for the top spot with 18 points. The other three acts advancing to the next round are: Elizabeth Olshey, Juozas Martin and Audrius Petrauskas. The full results are below:

1. Paula- ‘1 2 3’ (18 points)

2. Twosome- ‘Hello’ (18 points)

3. Saules Kliosas- ‘Man Gaila’ (18 points)

4. Elizabeth Olshey- ‘Bejausmis’ (13 points)

5. Audrius Petrauskas- ‘In My Bones’ (12 points)

6. Juozas Martin- ‘Don’t Give Up’ (12 points)

7. Mia- ‘Arrows’ (11 points)

8. Ruta Kotryna- ‘Ghost’ (7 points)

9. Elvina Milauskaite and Balys Kulikauskas- ‘So Long My Love, My Lover’ (5 points)

10. LJ- ‘Over Now’ (2 points)

11. Justina Zukauskaite- ‘Love Doesn’t Lie’ (0 points)

12. Emilija Valiukeviciute- ‘Bye Bye’ (0 points)

These six join the qualifiers from the first heat; Ieva Zasimauskaitė, Godo, Milda Rasilavičiūtė, Lukas Norkūnas, Germantė Kinderytė and Benas Malakauskas in the next round. Eurovizijos will continue with the third of four heats next weekend. The final will take place on 11 March. Check out tonight’s winning performance below.

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