Moldova Reveal the 28 Songs for their 2018 National Final!

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

28 songs are in the running to follow up Sunstroke Project’s record result at Eurovision 2018. The Moldovan broadcaster have revealed the artists and titles that will perform in their national final later next month. Find out who they are!

Of the 28 songs below, only 16 will compete in the semi final round on 22 February, while ten successful acts from the semis will make the grand final on 24 February. Have a listen to all the songs in contention below, and be sure to leave us a comment and vote in our poll to share your thoughts.

Anna Odobescu- ‘Agony’

Anna Timofei- ‘Endlessly’

Bella Luna- ‘Moments’

Bostan- ‘Frățică’

Che MD- ‘Inima-n stîngă’

Cobîlean Constantin- ‘Numai Tu’

Codreanu Maria- ‘Zâmbește soarelui’

Denny Feyton- ‘Maybe It’s Love’

Dima Gaitur- ‘Ona Moja’

Doinița Gherman- ‘Dance In Flames’

DoReDoS- ‘My Lucky Day’

Felicia Dunaf- ‘Alien’

Formatia 5 Stele- ‘Maldavian Dance’

Illia Sorocean & Dasha DaGro- ‘Minds & Veins’

Laura Bagrii- ‘Da Bucuriei’

Lavinia Rusu- ‘Altundeva’

Marina Cudalb- ‘Bianco e Nero’

Nicoleta Sava- ‘Esencia del Sur’

Pelageya Stefoglo- ‘Let’s Start Together Right Now’

Ruslan Taranu- ‘Come To Life’

Saidy- ‘Beauty Song’

Sandy C & Aaron Sibley- ‘Once Upon a Time’

Sasha Bogbinov- ‘Love’

Shvets- ‘The World’

Tolik- ‘Glass’

Tudor Bumbac- ‘Numai Pentru Tine’

Vera Turcanu- ‘Black Heart’

Viorela- ‘The Gates of Love’

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