Ukraine Choose the Contenders for 2018 National Selection

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Ukraine Eurovision 2016 JamalaEighteen acts will compete in the Ukrainian Eurovision selection process for 2018, it was revealed earlier today. The acts will be judged by a combination of public vote and a judging panel who this year will consist of 2016 winner Jamala, Verka Serduchka’s alter ego Andriy Danylko and music producer Eugene Filatov.

While the Ukrainian broadcaster has revealed the names of the artists we will have to wait a little bit longer to hear their songs. The contest will consist of two semi finals 10 and 17 February followed by a grand final on 24 February. STB will reveal the running order for each semi final on 19 January.  Among the line up is Melovin and Tayanna both of whom competed last year and advanced to the final. Check out the full list below:

Ukrainian National Selection Participants 2018:



The Erised


Ingret Kostenko




Kozak System



Mountain Breeze

Pur: Pur

Serhii Babkin



The Vyo


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