Hosts for Eurovision 2018 Revealed!


This year’s host nation the Portuguese broadcaster RTP announced a Eurovision first today when it revealed that there will be not one, not two, or three but four female presenters at the helm of the 2018 Contest.

RTP regulars Catriana Furtado, Silvia Alberto and Filomena Cautela will be joined by star of US TV show NCIS: Los Angeles Daniela Ruah for the hosting duties at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest when it hits our TV screens in May later this year.

The move is a first. There has never been four female presenters for the show before. Last year in Kiev, there were three male presenters and in 2015 there were three female presenters for the Vienna edition of the Contest.

However despite this ground breaking move, I can’t help but feel it is a little bit of overkill and unnecessary. In 2015 and 2017 for instance the third presenter stuck out like a sore thumb, often either overcrowding the stage or standing with nothing to do. Imagine what this will be like with a fourth presenter? It could however work if they split the presenting duties up for instance having two main presenters, a third who is responsible for overseeing the green room and the fourth perhaps for delivering the results?

I can’t help but feel that the classic two presenters works well, and if it isn’t broke then why try to fix it. The best combination in recent years was easily the Swedish line up in 2016 when Petra Mede and Mans Zelmerlow pulled it off perfectly.

What do you think of the presenting line up? Leave us a comment below!

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