Listen to the 16 Songs vying to be Malta’s Representative for 2018!

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

Last month the Maltese broadcaster revealed the list to the 16 songs that will compete at the live MESC 2018 show in February. This week they debuted the songs for the first time. Listen to them below.

MESC Finalists 2018:

AIDAN- ‘Dai Laga’

Avenue Sky- ‘We Can Run’

Brooke Borg- ‘Heart of Gold’

Christabelle Borg- ‘Taboo’

Danica Muscat- ‘One Step at a Time’

Deborah C- ‘Turn It Up’

Eleanor Cassar- ‘Back to Life’

Jasmine Abela- ‘Supernovas’

Lawrence Gray- ‘Love Renegade’

Matthew Anthony- ‘Call 2morrow’

Dwett- ‘Breaking Point’

Miriana Conte- ‘Rocket’

Petra Whiteford- ‘Evolution’

Rhiannon Micallef- ‘Beyond Blue Horizons’

Richard Joe Micallef- ‘Song For Dad’

Tiziana Calleja- ‘First Time’

Do you have a favourite song from the list of contenders? If so vote in our poll and leave us a comment below!

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