Eurovision NI’s Song of 2017: 30-21!

Song of 2017

For the past eight weeks you have been participating in selecting our favourite songs from former Eurovision contestants released in 2017. On Sunday we revealed the final 40 songs still in contention for the title and today we paused the poll, verified the results and can now reveal the songs that have finished 30 to 21. Let’s find out who made the cut!30. Ruth Lorenzo- ‘Good Girls Don’t Lie’

29. Laura Tesoro- ‘Beast’

28. Serebro- ‘In Space’

27. Aminata- ‘Your Arms’

26. Ira Losco- ‘Oh My God’

25. Donny Montell- ‘Screw Me Up’

24. Guy Sebastian- ‘High On Me

23. Loreen- ‘Body

22. Frans- ‘Liar

21. Mans Zelmerlow- ‘We Can Be the Rulers’

The poll has now reopened for you to vote for your favourite. We will pause the poll again on 30 December to count the votes again and reveal the songs that finished 20-11.

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