Eugent Bushpepa Will Represent Albania at Eurovision 2018 with ‘Mall’!

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The final of the Albanian Eurovision national final Festivali I Kenges concluded tonight and saw Eugent Bushpepa selected as their artist for Eurovision in May. He will sing the song ‘Mall’.

22 songs competed in the fifty sixth edition of Festivali I Kenges with eight singers being eliminated in the semi final rounds which took place earlier in the week on 21 and 22 December. 14 songs competed in tonight’s final with the winner being decided by a jury of experts. In the end they opted for fan favourite ‘Mall’ (‘Nostalgia’) by Eugent Bushpepa. But other strong contenders on the night included Denisa Gjezo, Tiri Gjoci, Orgesa Zaimi and Inis Neziri.

This is the first song to be selected for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Typically Albania revamp the song they select usually choosing to translate the song into English and some times drastically changing the composition.

What do you make of Albania’s choice? Listen to the song below and let us know what you think!

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