Israel’s Rising Star Epsiode 13, 14 and 15 Results!


Another week of the Israeli marathon Eurovision selection show Israel’s Rising Star and another three episodes. The show has added another 14 participants to the next round.
With just another five episodes to go, we can expect the competition to kick up a gear. As always auditionees needed over 70% to advance although the hosts also have a veto that they can use to help contestants advance. Find out who made the cut from episodes 13, 14 and 15.

Episode 13 Qualifiers:

Zohar Raziel (97%)

Jenny Polotsky (81%)

Lior Halevi (79%)

Mike Uzan (72%)

Oriyan Afael (71%)

Shir Mizrachi (58%, saved by host veto)

Episode 14 Qualifiers:

Mishell (79%)

Barak Mizrahi (76%)

Vicky Kleichman (43%, saved by host veto)

Episode 15 Qualifiers:

Yossi Mark (85%)

Friel Joshua Fitoussi (76%)

Maya Banai (73%)

Yakir Itzkovich Cohen (71%)

Asael Tzanani (52%, saved by host veto)

Israel’s Rising Star continues with more episodes with the final expected at the end of January.

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