Eurovision NI’s Song of 2017: Group Seven Results!

Song of 2017

All week you have been voting in the seventh week of our competition to determine which song will be named our favourite song of 2017 from previous Eurovision contestants. The poll closed last night and we can now reveal the results.
Three of the fourteen songs in this seventh group have advanced to the final round of the contest which will determine the top 30 0f the year. The poll for this will open in December, after the rest of the finalists have been determined. The qualifiers from group three are:

Sergey Lazarev- ‘Lucky Stranger’

Alexander Rybak- ‘Til Julie’

Manel Navarro- ‘Keep On Falling’

The full results of the poll are below:

1. Sergey Lazarev- ‘Lucky Stranger’ (25.00%)

2. Alexander Rybak- ‘Til Julie’ (22.14%)

3. Manel Navarro- ‘Keep On Falling’ (16.43%)

4. Debrah Scarlett- ‘Cynical Youth’ (12.86%)

5. Francesco Gabbani- ‘Tra le granite e la granate’ (9.89%)

=6. Lara Fabian- ‘Growing Wings’ (3.57%)

=6. Ott Lepland- Siin Me Kokku Saime’ (3.57%)

=8. Loreen- ‘Ocean Away’ (2.14%)

=8. Voltaj- ‘Cred ca s hip’ (2.14%)

=10. Can Bonomo- ‘Kal Bugun (1.43%)

=11. Pall Oskar- ‘Einn Dans’ (0.71%)

=11. Luciana Abreu- ‘El Camaron’ (0.71%)

=13. Maraaya- ‘Diamond Duck’ (0%)

=13. ByeAlex- ‘Sziv(sz)kill’ (0%)

They join the qualifiers from Group 1Group 2, Group 3,Group 4 , Group 5 and Group 6. Remember to check back tomorrow when we will be revealing the final group of contenders (Group 8)!

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