San Marino Choose Giovanni Montalbano as Their Second Wildcard!

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

The results of San Marino’s 1in360 second wildcard vote is in! Italian singer Giovanni Montalbano will join Finnish singer Emma in the live online shows of the San Marinese selection process in January. 

Emma and Giovanni will be joined by a third wild card which will be chosen in the next few weeks and which is guaranteed to be a San Marino native. The three wild cards will also be joined by seven other acts on the 1 in 360 online platform in the next stage.

Giovanni’s selection has been met with some controversial claims of voting fraud given that he received a whopping 380,000 votes, a disproportionate amount of votes when you consider both the population of San Marino and the amount of fans the singer has on his YouTube Channel. The claims have been taken on board by the selection’s organisers but they say there is little they can do to prevent it.

Some familiar faces are still in the running for he remaining seven slots inlcuding national selection faves Franklin Calleja (Malta), Sada Vidoo (Denmark), Tiago Braga (Portugal) and Yana Glushak (Russia).

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