10 Things About…Laura Groeseneken!

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Laura Groeseneken was the first of the artists to be announced for Eurovision 2018. She will sing for Belgium in Lisbon in May, but here are some interesting facts about the singer.

1. Laura Groeseneken (also known as SENNEK) was born 30 April 1990 in Leuven, Belgium. She is a singer songwriter, vocalist and pianist and is known for performing Soul and Electronica Pop styles.

2. Broadcaster Eén chose Laura for Eurovision 2018, having first been impressed with her rendition of Bond Theme ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ at the 2012 007 in Concert event to celebrate 50 years of James Bond in cinema.

3. Laura has written music for a number of Belgian musicians and bands, most notably she has worked with Alex Callier to pen songs for Belgian trip-hop group Hooverphonic including the song ‘Gravity’.

4. Since 2014, Laura has sung and played keyboard on stage alongside Ozark Henry, with whom she has produced music both in Belgium and abroad. Their first appearance together was at Rock Werchter, where she impressed audiences with her powerful voice.

5. As well as being an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician, Laura also works for IKEA as a visual merchandiser.

6. Laura says that her first ever memory of Eurovision is Dana International winning the Contest back in 1999 with ‘Diva’ and that while there have been lots of great songs but she is a big fan of Jamala’s ‘1944’. She remembers it especially because it gave her goosebumps and Jamala is a great singer.

7. Laura has expressed her love of Salvador Sobral’s 2017 winning song ‘Amar pelos dois’ and how it had inspired her to want to compete at Eurovision. She even performed her own rendition of the song on Een show Van Gils & Gasten.

8. When speaking about what she has in store for Eurovision 2018, she said that she would like to focus on writing a good song and not be worried if it is ‘right for Eurovision’. She wants to ‘bring a very nice touching song…I want to give people goosebumps.’

9. Regardless of the song choice, she refuses to dance because she says she can’t.

10. Belgian have had an amazing track record in the past few years at Eurovision finishing fourth, tenth and fourth in the past three attempts. Because of this Laura says that she feels the pressure to perform well: ‘I was a bit overwhelmed, but it looked fun so that’s why I decided to join in’.


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