Greece Disqualifies Duo Fina and Tony Vlachos!


Greece’s selection for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest can be summed up in one word: shambles!

Looking to move away from an internal selection which they’d used for the past few years, Greek broadcaster ERT wanted to try something different for 2018. They called on the help of a number of big and independent record labels to submit artists and songs to be considered.

This process seemed to be working as they received multiple entries which they last week whittled down to a shortlist of just five. This included Duo Fina, Tony Vlachos, Areti Ketime, Chorostalites and Gianna Terzi.

An announcement a week later however has disqualified the first two artists on the list who had been set to compete in the Greek national selection live show. The songsĀ ‘Idio Tempo’ by Duo Fina and ‘Baila Jazz’ by Tony Vlachos have been given the boot due to not adhering to the rules set out by ERT which states that the song they want will have to have Greek lyrics and a Greek musical style.

These rules are fair enough, as each broadcaster has the right to stipulate what they want from their entry. However it begs the question that if neither Duo Fina or Tony Vlachos’ submissions met the criteria, then why were they shortlisted in the first place?

Going forward it is unclear whether the two disqualified acts will be replaced by one of the other artists on the long list of twenty, if Duo Fina or Tony Vlachos will be allowed to submit a different song, or even if one of the remaining three artists and songs will be chosen as the final act for Greece’s Eurovision 2018 pick.

The broadcaster are set to meet with the remaining three artists’ record labels to ensure they meet the criteria and are available to compete at Eurovision 2018 (again you think this is something that they should have confirmed prior to submissions). If none of the the artists meet these criteria, ERT will look at alternative sources for entries.

A final decision is expected some time in December and hopefully then the broadcaster can clarify if they will proceed with a national selection show whereby the public have a say in the decision, or whether it will choose the artist and song outright with an internal selection.

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