This Year’s Eurovision Slogan Your Favourite of the past Four Years!


all aboard Eurovision 2018Earlier this week Portuguese broadcaster RTP revealed the branding for the 2018 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Along with a series of nautical images including seaweed, jellyfish, waves and shell, they unveiled that the slogan for Eurovision 2018 would be ‘All Aboard!’.

The twittersphere responded to the new branding with mixed reactions. Many liked the all-inclusiveness of the slogan without bordering on cheesy calls for diversity and inclusivity. While others criticised the new logos for being too simplistic.

With this in mind we ran a poll on twitter to get your feedback and to see which of the past four Eurovision slogans were your favourite. The poll has just closed and the consensus (31% of the voters) preferred the 2018 slogan.

‘All Aboard!’ (Lisbon, 2018)- 31%

‘Building Bridges’ (Vienna, 2015)- 27%

‘Come Together’ (Stockholm, 2016)- 21%

‘Celebrate Diversity’ (Kiev, 2017)- 21%

What is your favourite slogan from Eurovision? Please share by commenting below!

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