Five Artists in the Running for Greece at Eurovision 2018


Greek broadcaster ERT have revealed the five acts that will compete in their national selection show in a bid to be named their pick for Eurovision 2018.
In October a professional jury of eight industry experts judged the submissions received from various large and independent Greek record labels. They have now narrowed it down to just five contenders. Included on the list is Duo Fina who missed out on being selected by Greece last year and Voice of Greece singer Tony Vlachos (not to be confused with the Survivor contestant with the same name):

Areti Ketime- ‘Don’t forget the Sun’

Chorostalites- ‘Apo tin Thraki os tin Kriti’ (From Thrace to Crete)

Duo Fina- ‘Idio Tempo’ (Same Tempo)

Gianna Terzi- ‘To oniro mou'(That’s My Dream)

Tony Vlachos- ‘Baila Jazz’ (Jazz Dance)

The Final is expected to showcase the five songs in February 2018 with a combination of jury and public vote deciding the winner. Greece has only once failed to make it to the Eurovision Grand Final (in 2016). Their most recent attempt saw Demy’s ‘This is Love’ finish in 19th.

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