Will Yulia Samoilova Compete at Eurovision 2018 for Russia?

Eurovision Guide 2018, News

yulia samoilova russia eurovision 2017

Yulia Samoilova was chosen to represent Russia at Eurovision 2017. Shortly after, it was revealed that she was one of the artists who had been banned from entering the Ukraine by the Ukrainian government as she had performed in the disputed region of the Crimea since its annexation by Russia. EBU officials tried to suggest other solutions such as having Yulia perform via video link, but this was rejected by Russia, who subsequently withdrew from the Contest.

Following this Russia have stated their intention to return to Eurovision in 2018, and had previously said that Yulia would be invited to compete again, having missed out the previous year.

There has however been no official announcement from Russia yet as to whether they will definitely be at Lisbon competing in the Contest in May, and what is more they haven’t confirmed if Yulia will be their pick.

Yulia has confirmed this this week when she announced that she has not been approached by 1TV and that her Eurovision future is uncertain. She stated in an interview with Russian entertainment website So Groovy that:

‘Regarding the Eurovision song — no guys, the song for Eurovision has not even been chosen yet. Well, they say that I will go. I hope that the end of the world won’t come and everything will be fine … And we will go to Eurovision.’

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