San Marino Announce Eurovision 2018 Plans!


There was worry across the Eurovision community following San Marino’s announcement after the 2017 Contest that they would have to have a serious look at how they participated in the future. Rumours were rife that they may pull out of the Contest following claims that it is difficult for micro states like San Marino to qualify for the final. Earlier this evening the Sammarinese broadcaster SMRTV not only confirmed that they would be returning in 2018, but that they will host a Europe wide talent casting process to select their act and song.

This process will kick off online, with the aim of finding an ‘internet candidate’ (just click me with your mouse!). Candidates are invited to submit their entries on the website with the deadline of 30th November. The broadcaster hasn’t placed any limitations on genre, age (however must be 16+ to comply with Eurovision rules), gender or whether they would prefer a solo artist or group.

Candidates are asked to submit a song for consideration to progress through the first round and although the judges will accept original songs, they would prefer a cover version. Along with the song they need either to provide at least 100 likes or shares on their social media account or by providing a fee of €4.99.

San Marino have only once qualified for the Eurovision final in the eight appearances between 2008 and 2017. This was in 2014 when four time San Marino representative Valentina Monetta’s song ‘Maybe’ placed in 24th place. Check out the casting call from 1 in 360 and SMRTV below:

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