New Music Round Up: September 2017 (Part Two)!

New Music Round Up

We’ve had so many new songs from our favourite Eurovision stars in September that we’ve had to split our New Music Round Up into two parts! Part Two sees new releases from Maraaya, Samra, Elnur, Ovi, Nathan Trent and two new songs from Loreen! Check out what we thought of these below!

Samra- ‘Ters Gedir (Going Wrong)’


Samra did Azerbaijan proud at Eurovision 2016. Her song ‘Miracle’ continued their perfect streak of qualifying for every Eurovision Final since they began competing in 2008. She finished in 17th place. Earlier this year Samra impressed again with her song ‘Badminton’ and follows this up with new track ‘Ter Gedir’ or ‘Going Wrong’ in English. The song has an R ‘n’ B beat and never really goes where we hope it will. The video sees Samra serve sultry poses against a PVC headboard and sports casual in front of a burning triangle.

Elnur- ‘Vibration’


Another former Azeri Eurovision particpant, Elnur also releases new music this month. Elnur teamed up with Samir to be the first ever Azerbaijan Eurovision entry in 2008, finishing a respectable eighth and returned to Eurovision in 2015 when ‘Hour of the Wolf’ finished in twelfth. Elnur’s new song ‘Vibration’ starts out slow with a quiet electro beat that isn’t unlike Svala’s song ‘Paper’. From there we are treated to series of heavy breathing. The song’s beat is hypnotic and the video sees two lovers embrace and dance with distorted images of them playing over the top.

Sabina Babayeva- ‘Can’


Completing our hat trick of new Azerbaijani songs is Sabina Babayeva’s ‘Can’. Sabina represented Azerbaijan in 2012 and her song ‘When the Music Dies’ came in fourth place. Since Eurovision it  has been all quiet for Sabina, that is until now and the release of new song. ‘Can’ is a mix of Middle Eastern Pop and Disco with a bit of drum and bass thrown in for good measure. The repetitive chorus, Sabina’s enthusiasm and Azeri flute and strings will have you bopping along.

Loreen- ‘Ocean Away’


Eurovision queen Loreen is well and truly back and on form. As we await the release of her newest album ‘Nude’, she has already treated us to the lead tracks ‘Body’, ‘Jungle’ and the Melfest 2017 entry ‘Statements’. As well as these releases, this month she has debuted two new songs ‘Ocean Away’ a soft, melodic track and ”71 Charger’ which has more of a rocky edge.

Loreen- ”71 Charger’


Ace Wilder- ‘Dansa I Neon’


Competing alongside Loreen at this year’s Melfest is perennial contestant Ace Wilder. Ace has an impressive track record of songs ‘Busy Doin’ Nothin” (2014), ‘Wild Child’ (2016) and ‘Don’t Worry’ (2017), all of which made it to the Melest Final in their respective years. Outside of the Swedish contest, Ace has enjoyed success with songs like ‘Riot’, ‘Selfish’ and ‘Stupid’ and returns with latest release ‘Dansa i neon’ (‘Dance in the Neon’). It has an old school Eurovision feel to it and a cracking chorus.

 Ovi- ‘Vreau Sa-mi Fac Viata’


Ovi is best known for representing Romania at Eurovision on two occasions alongside Paula Seling. Their first attempt in 2010 ‘Playing With Fire’ gave the nation their best result to date (third), while their second attempt ‘Miracle’ in 2014 gave them a highly respectable twelfth place. Ovi goes it alone on new track ‘Vreau sa-mi fac viata’ (‘I Want to Make My Life’). It is a mid-tempo song with a decent pre-chorus and electro chorus.

Maraaya- ‘Diamond Duck’


Raay from Maraaya had the prestigious achievement of having written or performed all five songs in the top five in the Slovenian charts earlier this year with five different songs. He is back with Marjetka for new song inspired by US President Donald Trump. ‘Diamond Duck’ takes a pop and Donald for his obsession with money and lack of political and social morals. The video expands on this further with emoji including a Trump-esque rubber duck. The autotuned repetition of the word duck in the chorus borders on annoying at times but apart from this, ‘Diamond Duck’ quite an accomplished song and is one to add to your playlists!

Nathan Trent- ‘Good Vibes’


Loveable rogue, Nathan Trent impressed us when he sang his Eurovision 2017 song ‘Running On Air’ while hanging off a crescent moon. The Austrian follows up his Eurovision appearance with his new song ‘Good Vibes’. It is one of the better song released this month, a solid effort with a fun video set in Vienna’s Prater fun fair.

 Pasha Parfeny- ‘Imi Pare Rau’


Pasha Parfeny is a former member of 2010/2017 Moldovan Eurovision band Sunstroke Project, and was the Moldovan representative as a solo artist in 2012 with an eleventh place finish for song ‘Lautar’. His new song sees Pasha serenade his wife at his recent wedding. The video for ‘Imi Pare Rau’ (‘I Am Sorry’) is live from the couple’s wedding and sees the bride lilt in a swing while Pasha sings from the piano joined by classical strings. The idea is a little bit corny, but A* for romantic efforts.

Iveta Mukuchyan- ‘Depi Nor Irakanutyun’


Not a month goes by in 2017 where we haven’t had at least one new song from Iveta, and if there is I would start to worry. The Armenian singer continues to deliver more new music, and this month she reveals the video for ‘Depi Nor Irakanutyun’. The song sees her return to her electro pop roots with something of similar vibe to her Eurovision hit ‘Lovewave’ and the video has lots of strobe light effects and men dressed as wolves.

We’ll be back with another round up at the end of October! Be sure to check us out then!

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