Belgium Are First Nation to announce Eurovision 2018 Act!


And so it begins, the first in a long line of artist announcements for Eurovision 2018. Flemish broadcaster VRT (who take it year about with French speaking broadcaster RTBF to choose the Belgian Eurovision entry) have got in there early and are the first to announce their artist for the Contest. It will be Laura Groeseneken who will represent then nation at Eurovision which this year will take place in Lisbon. 

While most nations will choose their artist and/or song through an national selection process with input from the voting public, Belgium have opted to choose their entry through an internal selection process. This is a process that has suited them well in the last few years with Blanche and Loic Nottet both being chosen this way and both giving Belgium top five placings.

Representing Belgium in 2018 is Laura Groeseneken who currently works for Swedish furniture superstore IKEA. We have to wait a bit longer to find out what song the act will sing at Eurovision but if Laura’s back catalogue is anything to go by then we’re optimistic that Belgium will continue their recent top form.

Laura (aka SENNEK) is known for her eclectic musical style mixing the genres electronica, pop and soul, as well as having a history of performing dubstep. Laura writes her own music and is expected to pen her song for Eurovision.

In the last she has worked closely with Ozark Henry and has also released her own solo material including songs ‘Kaleidescope’ and ‘Butterfly’.

What do you make of the Belgian pick for 2018? Does it excite you? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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