Eurovision NI Awards 2017: Full List of Nominees!

Eurovision Guide 2017, Eurovision NI Awards 2017

The Eurovision NI Awards are back in 2017 for the second ever awards show! They will take place in Belfast on 21st October 2017 from 8pm. Awards will be handed out in 19 categories decided by a panel of experts including established awards; Best Male, Best Female, Best Duo, Group or Collaboration, Best Live Vocal, Best Staging, Best Moment, Best Video and Best Song. As well as honouring the good, we also reflect on the bad with the categories Worst Song, Worst Lyrics, Worst Dressed Male, Worst Dressed Female and Most Cringeworthy Act. New for 2017 is the awards for Best New Song which honours Eurovision artists’ careers since competing and a special award decided by the readers of our blog: The People’s Choice Award. Finally as always we will honour a person who has contributed greatly to Eurovision with the Phoenix: Outstanding Contribution to Eurovision Award. Read on for the full list of nominees!

Best Male



Isaiah Firebrace

Joci Papai

Nathan Trent

Robin Bengtsson

Best Female



Jana Burceska

Lucie Jones


Tijana Bogicevic

Best Group, Duo or Collaboration

Ilinca ft Alex Florea

Jacques Houdek

Navi Band


Sunstroke Project


Best Song

DiHaj- ‘Skeletons’

Hovig- ‘Gravity’

IMRI- ‘I Feel Alive’

Jana Burceska- ‘Dance Alone’

Lucie Jones- ‘Never Give Up On You’

Robin Bengtsson- ‘I Can’t Go On’

Sunstroke Project- ‘Hey Mamma!’

Svala- ‘Paper’

Best Song Not in the English Language

Alma- ‘Requiem’ (French)

Francesco Gabbani ‘Occidentali’s Karma’ (Italian)

Jacques Houdek- ‘My Friend’ (Italian)

Joci Papai- ‘Origo’ (Hungarian/Romansh)

Navi Band- Historyja Majho zyccia’ (Belorussian)

Salvador Sobral- ‘Amar pelos dois’ (Portuguese)

Best New Song 

Anouk- ‘Burn’

Barei- ‘I Don’t Need To Be You’

Debrah Scarlett- ‘Cynical Youth’

Eric Saade- ‘Another Week’

Greta Salome- ‘My Blues’

Iveta Mukuchyan ft Aram MP3- ‘Dashterov’

Joe and Jake- ‘Tongue Tied’

Krista Siegfrids- ‘Be Real’

Laura Tesoro- ‘Higher’

Loic Nottet- ‘Mud Blood’

Sergey Lazarev- ‘Lucky Stranger’

Zoe- ‘Dangerous Affair’

Best Moment 

Streaker During Jamala’s Performance

Belarus’ Navi Band Kiss

Alex Florea Fails To Plant One On Ilinca

Jana Burceska Gets A Proposal

DiHaj Performs With A Horse On A Ladder

Italy performs with Gorilla

Jacques Houdek duets with…Jacques Houdek

Mans Zelmerlow’s Glorious Return to Eurovision

Verka Serduchka and his mother’s segments

Katrina (and the Waves) reminded how long it’s been since UK won!

Salvador Sobral Joined On Stage by Luisa for Final Performance

Interval Performance ONUKA ft NAONI Orchestra

Best Song From Selection Shows

Ace Wilder- ‘Wild Child’ (Sweden)

Anton Hagman- ‘Kiss You Goodbye’ (Sweden)

De Vet Du- ‘Road Trip’ (Sweden)

Elina Born- ‘In or Out’ (Estonia)

Ella- ‘Mamma Boy’(Norway)

Günther & D’Sanz- ‘Love Yourself’ (Finland)

Loreen- ‘Statements’ (Sweden)

Maxine Pace- ‘Bombshell’ (Malta)

Olivia Garcia- ‘Freedom Hearts’ (United Kingdom)

Salena Mastroianni- ‘I Don’t Wanna Fight’ (United Kingdom)

Vidas Bareikis- ‘I Love My Phone’ (Lithuania)

Zühlke- ‘Perfect Villain’ (Finland)

Best Video

Artsvik- ‘Fly With Me’

Blanche- ‘City Lights’

Claudia Faniello- ‘Breathlessly’

DiHaj- ‘Skeletons’

Hovig- ‘Gravity’

Jana Burceska- ‘Dance Alone’

Jimmie Wilson and Valentina Monetta- ‘Spirit of the Night’

Nathan Trent- ‘Running On Air

Best Live Vocal

Anja- ‘Where I Am’

Isaiah Firebrace- ‘Don’t Come Easy’

Jacques Houdek- ‘My Friend’

Joci Papai- ‘Origo’

Kristian Kostov- ‘Beautiful Mess’

Lucie Jones- ‘Never Give Up On You’

O’G3NE- ‘Lights and Shadows’

Salvador Sobral- ‘Amar pelos dois’

Best Staging

Demy- ‘This is Love’

DiHaj- ‘Skeletons’

Hovig- ‘Gravity’

Lucie Jones- ‘Never Give Up On You’

Nathan Trent- ‘Running On Air’

NAVI Band- ‘Story of My Life’

Robin Bengtsson- ‘I Can’t Go On’

Sunstroke Project- ‘Hey Mamma!’

Best Returning Artist

Imri Ziv

Koit Toome

Omar Naber

Sunstroke Project

Tijana Bogicevic

Valentina Monetta

Worst Dressed Male

Jacques Houdek

Joci Papai

Kristian Kostov

Oleksandr Skichko/Timur Miroshnychenko/Volodymyr Ostapchuk

Slavko Kalezic

Worst Dressed Female

Agnese Rakovska (Triana Park)




Martina Barta

Most Cringeworthy Act

Salvador Sobral

Brendan Murray

Jacques Houdek

Omar Naber

Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson

Worst Lyrics

Sandra Bjurman for ‘Skeletons’ (Azerbaijan): ‘Now I’m into daydreams/Amazed by thorn jeans/Deep into high extremes/When I’m with him it’s fantasy/We’re just like alchemy/Oh, I feel ready.’

Kasia Moś, Pete Baringger and Rickard Bonde Truumeel for ‘Flashlight’ (Poland): ‘You call off the dogs, I got them hypnotised.’

Adis Eminić, Iva Boršić and Momčilo Zeković for ‘Space’ (Montenegro): ‘Linen is covered with feathers/Wet dreams, wild nightmares, I surrender/Come into me from within/We can be as one in the sin.’

Adis Eminić, Iva Boršić and Momčilo Zeković for ‘Space’ (Montenegro): ‘Show me your superpowers/I’m Venus and Mars of the hour/I’ll protect you if you come my way/Let’s soar through the Milky Way.’

Anja Nissen, Angel Tupai and Michael D’Arcy Emman for ‘Where I Am’ (Denmark): ‘Putting up my walls so that I last better.’

Joakim With Steen and Jonas McDonnell for ‘Grab the Moment’ (Norway): ‘I try to act cool but I’m boiling.’

Joakim With Steen and Jonas McDonnell for ‘Grab the Moment’ (Norway): ‘When it’s all or nothing, I put my nerves in the coffin.’

Lindsey Ray, Lindy Robbins and Dave Bassett for ‘Perfect Life’ (Germany): ‘I come alive, inside the light of the unexpected.’

Svala Björgvinsdóttir Einar Egilsson Lester Mendez Lily Elise for ‘Paper’ (Iceland): ‘Drawing every bit of my truth/Colour me in with your blue/Paper, you cut right through/A thousand words for you.’

Ralph Siegel, Jutta Staudenmayer and Steven Barnacle for ‘Spirit of the Night’ (San Marino): ‘It’s the spirit of the night, spirit of the night/Burning like St. Elmo’s fire/Spirit of the night, takes our feelings so much higher.’

Romy Papadea, John Ballard and Dimitris Kontopoulos for ‘This is Love’ (Greece): ‘Holding on to what we had can be so self-destroying/Remember how we laughed and played around till night met the morning?’

Jacques Houdek, Tony Roberth Malm, Siniša Reljić, Arijana Kunštek, Fabrizio Laucella and Ines Prajo for ‘My Friend’ (Croatia): ‘There are only two ways to live your life/One is as though nothing is a miracle/The other is as though everything is a miracle’

Worst Song

Brendan Murray- ‘Dying to Try’

Levina- ‘Perfect Lie’

Lindita- ‘World’

Omar Naber- ‘On My Way’

Salvador Sobral- ‘Amar pelos dois’

Tamara Gachechiladaze- ‘Keep the Faith’

People’s Choice Award

All 43 Eurovision 2017 acts are eligible.

The Phoenix Award for Outstanding Contribution to Eurovision

Linda Martin

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