Eurovision NI Awards 2017: Worst Dressed Male

Eurovision NI Awards, Eurovision NI Awards 2017

We at Eurovision NI are a shallow bunch. While substance is important to us, so too is style. As such we have the category of Worst Dressed. Her are the contenders for Worst Dressed Male!

Worst Dressed Male

Jacques Houdek

Half dinner jacket, half leather jacket, Jacques Houdek’s Eurovision outfit was designed to show off both sides of his personas and singing styles. Unfortunately the only thing it was successful in conveying was his craziness.

Joci Papai

Dressed as a Spanish matador with a hipster topknot and banging on a milk jug, probably not the best look for 2017!

Kristian Kostov

Vampiric teen Kristian Kostov opted for a style I hope no one copies- a black felt coat with white sleeves cum fingerless gloves. Cringe!

Oleksandr Skichko/Timur Miroshnychenko/Volodymyr Ostapchuk

Do you ever look at the sacred heart portrait and think ‘hmm that would make a great blazer?’ No! Because it wouldn’t! Eurovision presenter trio decided this was the look for them in the first semi final of Eurovision 2017- one chose to wear it in a deep green, the other in a cream.

Slavko Kalezic

Winner of the Barbara Dex Award in 2017, Slavko Kalezic was always going to be a contender for Worst Dressed Male. From royal blue skirt, to that translucent black vest top and the crowning glory the plaited wig he continuously whipped back and forth to his song ‘Space’.

Who do you think deserves the title of Worst Dressed Male?

Let us know what you think...

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