Eurovision NI Awards 2017: Worst Dressed Female

Eurovision NI Awards, Eurovision NI Awards 2017

We at Eurovision NI are a shallow bunch. While substance is important to us, so too is style. As such we have the category of Worst Dressed. Her are the contenders for Worst Dressed Female!

Worst Dressed Female

Agnese Rakovska (Triana Park)

Agnese Rakovska is the front woman of Latvian band Triana Park. She was awarded second place at the Barbara Dex Awards earlier this year which honours the worst dressed fashions at Eurovision. Agnese made the worst dressed lists due to her borrowing from Asian culture- anime dreadlock wig, her outlandish purples and pinks, netted vests, leather sleeves- a downright crime!


DiHaj’s minimalistic staging with the backdrop of black and white of the chalk board made her Eurovision costume stand out a bit more. The slick back hair, the choker necklace, dark lip and a large white trench coat not only made the singer look uncomfortable but at times it was bulky and got in the way of her being able to carry out the staging (for instance when she circled the blackboard with chalk backwards).


Reigning Eurovision champion Jamala chose a questionable outfit for her return to the Eurovision stage. The dress was baggy, unflattering and its mix of yellows, oranges and reds made it literally look like a flaming pile of garbage.


White dresses were all the rage with the ladies at Eurovision 2017. Some had intricate lace designs, some were skimpy but sexy and other were plain but appropriate. Lindita jumped on the white dress band wagon but didn’t do anything special with it. Her bodice was covered in cheap, sparkly sequins and her neck ruffles were highly unattractive. Her veil, train and skirt however were translucent and simply bizarre!

Martina Barta

80s fashions are all the rage recently, however Martina Barta while she had the big shoulders down to a tee, chose to encase herself in a pair of brown silk curtains for her performance at Eurovision 2017. Hideous!

Who do you think should wore it worst and deserves the title of  Worst Dressed Female?

Let us know what you think...

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