Eurovision NI Awards 2017: Best Moment

Eurovision NI Awards, Eurovision NI Awards 2017

Eurovision always serves us some unforgettable moments and Eurovision 2017 was as eventful as ever. We relive the most memorable moments from streakers, to epic staging, great interval acts to hilarious comedic segments. Here are our twelve favourite memories from this year’s Contest. Which will be named the Best Moment at the Eurovision NI Awards 2017?

Best Moment

Streaker During Jamala’s Performance

Belarus’ Navi Band Kiss

Alex Florea Fails To Plant One On Ilinca

Jana Burceska Gets A Proposal

DiHaj Performs With A Horse On A Ladder

Italy performs with Gorilla

Jacques Houdek duets with…Jacques Houdek

Mans Zelmerlow’s Glorious Return to Eurovision

Verka Serduchka and his mother’s segments

Katrina (and the Waves) reminded how long it’s been since UK won!

Salvador Sobral Joined On Stage by Luisa for Final Performance

Interval Performance ONUKA ft NAONI Orchestra

What is your lasting memory of Eurovision 2017? Which should be crowned Best Moment?

Let us know what you think...

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