Eurovision NI Awards 2017: Best Group, Duo or Collaboration

Eurovision NI Awards, Eurovision NI Awards 2017

Collaborations come in many forms and Eurovision 2017 saw possibly the most diverse selection in recent years. This year saw a yodeller team up with a rapper, a man duet with himself, the return of a band with an epic saxophonist, a wonderfully harmonised group made up of three sisters and a duo singing in the Belorussian language for the first time in Eurovision history. Check out which of the acts have been nominated in the category of Best Group, Duo or Collaboration at the Eurovision NI Awards 2017.

Best Group, Duo or Collaboration

Ilinca ft Alex Florea

When I first heard that Romania was going to be represented at Eurovision 2017 by a rapper and a yodeller I thought, Eurovision strikes again, here comes another gimmick! But when you listen to Alex Florea and Ilinca’s song ‘Yodel It!’, the combination is surprisingly a hit!

 Jacques Houdek

Jacques Houdek took to the Eurovision stage in 2017 to perform his song ‘My Friend’ which was a duet between him and himself. The song features Jacques singing in two distinct voices- an operatic warble and a pop vocal. Jacques distinguished his two personalities further with his outfit, as he was half dressed in a dinner jacket tuxedo and half dressed in a leather jacket ensemble.


NaviBand are a male/female duo who brought the Belorussian language to Eurovision for the first time. The duo also brought great chemistry (that kiss!), great vocals, a catchy tune and Hi Ih Ih Ih Ih Ohs! Belarus secured a place in the Final and ‘Historyja majho žyccia’ propelled them to 17th place.


Not content with taking on The Voice of Holland (which they won) and competing in Junior Eurovision, trio of sisters O’G3NE wanted to make a big bang on the Eurovision 2017 stage. They did just that when their perfectly harmonised vocals on their song (penned by their father) ‘Lights and Shadows’ which showed off just how talented the siblings are.

Sunstroke Project

Sunstroke Project really know how to bring the fun factor. They did it in 2010 and they outdid themselves when they returned this year with summer jam ‘Hey Mamma!’. Sexy saxophone dancing, a costume reveal, a funky song, and all round entertainment, they had it all in abundance. No wonder they delivered Moldova’s best ever result!


Timebelle are one of the most underrated acts from Eurovision 2017. Vocalist Miruna drew attention from Eurovision commentators for her bold choice of a yellow dress, but undeservedly received little attention for her exemplary vocal, accompanied by her deftly skilled Swiss bandmates. ‘Apollo’ was not worshipped as the god of music, failing to advance to the final, and more’s the pity!

Who do you think should be crowned Best Group, Duo or Collaboration?

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