Eurovision NI Awards 2017: Best Female

Eurovision NI Awards, Eurovision NI Awards 2017

The next category honours the lovely ladies from Eurovision 2017. With a strong field of contenders, we have whittled it down to just six. Find out who received a nomination in the category Best Female at the Eurovision NI Awards 2017. The winner will be announced at our live ceremony in October. Until then vote for your favourite in our poll.

Best Female


Blanche was the 17 year old who impressed Eurovision audiences world wide when she performed her song ‘City Lights’ in Kiev. She has been firmly affixed to every Spotify playlist I’ve made since Eurovision aired in May. While we await her follow up single with baited breath, we can say she is truly deserving of this nomination. This is Belgium’s second nomination in this category in as many years, but can Blanche do one better than Laura Tesoro and be crowned the Best Female in 2017?


DiHaj wowed us with her unique artistic style shown in both her staging presentation and her music video for her Eurovision song ‘Skeletons’. Who could possibly forget the bizarre juxtaposition of a man dressed as a horse on a ladder to the backdrop of a black and white chalk board? As well as her artistic style, DiHaj also impressed with her vocals, her song and ridiculous lyrics. Will she be the best female this year?

Jana Burceska

Jana Burceska made Eurovision history and gave us a very sweet moment when her boyfriend proposed to her in the green room following her semi final performance. But this isn’t why we love her. Jana gave us an epic dance song with ‘Dance Alone’ and although she didn’t make it into the Final, her song is still one of our favourites from the field in 2017!

Lucie Jones

Lucie Jones already had an impressive career under her belt prior to Eurovision. She competed at the live shows in X-Factor, has performed on the West End stage and brought this theatricality and experience to her Eurovision staging for her song ‘Never Give Up On You’.


There is no doubting that Svala is possibly one of the best artists at Eurovision 2017. Her great fashion sense, her perfect vocal and her self-penned anthem ‘Paper’ were a sure thing to book her a place in the final. Unfortunately this was not meant to be, and we were denied the superstar an appearance in the Eurovision 2017 Final!

Tijana Bogicevic

Tijana Bogicevic is another of the female singers who unfortunately didn’t manage to make it through to the Eurovision Final in 2017. Again, on paper she had all the boxes ticked to make it through: a decent song, a beautiful voice, a glamourous women with good style and real potential- but when a top ten placing is required to make it through, 11th was just short of this.

Who do you think should be crowned Best Female?

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