New Music Round Up: July 2017 (Part One)!

Another month over, and another month jam packed full of hits. There have been so many new hits from our Eurovision faves, that again this month we’ve had to split the new music round up in to two parts. This first part features new music from Eurovision Queen Loreen who returns with ‘Body’, two songs from Portugal’s Luciana Abreu, our fave Melfest duo Samir and Viktor, as well as new music from Ott Lepland, Getter Jaani, Barei, Tijana Bogicevic, Andras Kallay Saunders and this year’s Eurovision interval act Onuka. Happy listening!

Luciana Abreu- ‘El Camaron’


Luciana Abreu represented Portugal in Eurovision 2005 as part of pop-duo 2B along with singing partner Rui Drummond. The duo performed the pop song ‘Amar’ but failed to make it to the final, placing 17th with 51 points in the Semi Final. Since her appearance at Eurovision Luciana has competed in multiple reality TV shows in Portugal including Portuguese versions of Dancing With the Stars and Your Face Sounds Familiar, both of which she won. She attempted to return to the Eurovision stage in 2009, however despite being the favourite to be selected, lost out to Flor-de-Lis. Luciana has returned to music in 2017 and here are two of the songs she has debuted this month. The first ‘El Camaron’ is a funky, upbeat, infectious beach hit reminiscent of Shakira’s World Cup anthem ‘Waka Waka’, while the second ‘Sunshine’ slows things down a bit with a guitar ballad again with a beach vibe.

Luciana Abreu- ‘Sunshine’


Ott Lepland- ‘Siin Me Kokku Saime’


You may remember Ott Lepland from when he represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku with the song ‘Kuula’. The song placed 6th in the final, giving the Baltic nation their best result in ten years. Ott is back with ‘Siin Me Kokku Saime (Here We Got Together)’, an easy listening song with a solid repetitive chorus and an old school key change towards the song’s conclusion!

 Barei- ‘Forget It’


Barei has been churning out songs in the past few months, a real hit factory. Since her 22nd place finish at Eurovision 2016 with song ‘Say Yay!’, the Spanish singer has released ‘I Don’t Need to Be You’, ‘Wasn’t Me’, ‘Worry, Worry’ featuring rapper Porta all of which charted in the Spanish Top 40 and feature on the re-release of her album ‘Throw the Dice’. She’s back with yet another song ‘Forget It’ and despite so many song releases in quick succession, we are not tired of Barei. Her songs have a unique style and sound- a mix of melodic pop with over tones of autotune and in this instance an interesting horn. While ‘Forget It’ doesn’t have the same instant impact as ‘I Don’t Need To Be You’, it does indicate that Barei is a talent that we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the years to come!

Loreen- ‘Body’


Loreen, it would seem, can do no wrong in the eyes of her fans. Her triumphant win at Eurovision 2012, brought the Contest into the 21st Century and into the consciousness of many who had dismissed Eurovision as mediocre and tacky euro-pop. ‘Euphoria’ sat atop the charts in many of the European countries and placed higher than any Eurovision songs in recent years in the UK top 40. Since Eurovision, Loreen has enjoyed success in native Sweden with a number of follow up songs and she even returned to the Melfest stage in 2017 in the hopes of securing a second Eurovision win with song ‘Statements’. Although that was not meant to be, she continues with new music in 2017, and as fans await the release of a new album later this year, Loreen teases ‘Body’. The song is Loreen through and through- a modern dance song with raspy vocals and Middle Eastern horns- a real treat.

Tolvai Reni ft. Andras Kallay-Saunders- ‘Say’


Isn’t this lovely? Andras Kallay-Saunders (one of our Eurovision faves from 2014) has teamed up with his girlfriend Tolvai Reni for a new duet called ‘Stay’. The Hungarian duo compliment each other in this mid-tempo ballad with a dancey injection at the chorus. Front and centre is Tolvai with her accomplished, yet borderline nasal vocal. Andras meanwhile echoes her words in the harmonies, before emerging from the shadows in the last third of the song.

Onuka- ‘Vsesvit’


Onuka provided us with a unique interval act at Eurovision 2017. The electro-folk band gained notoriety for amazing visuals, vocals and inventive music during their performance of song ‘Other’ in the Eurovision Final where they were accompanied by Ukriane’s NAONI Orchestra. The band’s experimental style continues with new release ‘Vsesvit’.

Tijana Bogicevic- ‘Ti Imas Pravo’


Tijana is a two time Eurovision participant for Serbia, firstly as a backing singer for Nina in 2011 and then as a lead artist in 2017 when she braved it on her own with song ‘In Too Deep’. The song failed to make it through the semi final stages, but this has not stopped Tijana from releasing new material. Here she is with the lyric video to her new song ‘Ti Imas Pravo’, a song which starts out as an incredibly boring ballad but which kicks things up an octave when the chorus gets going.

Samir och Viktor- ‘Vi gor det anda (We Do It Anyway)’


Samir and Viktor are a duo that can brighten anyone’s day. Their happy go lucky brand of Schlager pop have supplanted them as a perennial mainstay of Swedish Eurovision selection event Melfest. Having notched up the hits ‘Bada Nakna’, ‘Groupie’, and ‘Saxofuckingfon’, the duo have also accrued many fans but some haters along the way too. Their new song ‘Vi gor det anda’ addresses this with the lads reading out hate filled Youtube comments at the start of the video which the pair just laugh at. Check out the new song here:

Pastora Soler- ‘La Tormenta (The Storm)’


Flamenco pop diva Pastora Soler represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with the song ‘Quédate conmigo’ finishing in 10th place. Pastora is back with new song ‘La Tormenta’ or ‘The Storm’ in English. The song does a good job at reflecting the title with frenetic vocals and percussion that sounds like a thunderstorm. ‘La Tormenta’ is the first single to come from Pastora’s new album expected later this year, her first in 4 years.

ZAA ft M.O.R.T.- ‘Ne Odustajem’


From the opening grunt and the introduction of a saxophone and whistles to what at first appears to be a generic rock song, the combination of Serbian Eurovision band ZAA and Croatian Punk Blues band M.O.R.T. is unusual. While it may be unusual, something about this just works. ‘Ne Odustajem’ (‘I’m Not Giving Up’) is loud, fun, in your face and memorable. It uses a range of instruments and styles that you don’t normally hear or see together and has you going back for a second listen.

For more of this month’s new hits, check out Part Two.


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