Review: Moldova- Sunstroke Project ‘Hey Mamma!’


Moldova’s Sunstroke Project return to Eurovision minus the female vocalist that accompanied them in 2010. Back then Epic Sax Guy Sergey Stepanov took the internet by storm when his sax solo skills were turned into virally shared memes and he’s back again with even more sax skills in 2017 with song ‘Hey Mamma!’

For me, Sunstroke Project embody everything about Eurovision. They are instantly infectious with their fun pop music, catchy refrain, have a bit of a gimmick but don’t go too far with it and have enough musical ability to back it up. ‘Hey Mamma!’ impresses with its repetitive chorus, its contagious saxophone hook and the band’s natural ability to entertain their audience.

The staging witnessed in the first semi final saw they three guys dance in tandem with their three female backing singers. The ladies, dressed in black mourning dresses and microphones intertwined with a bouquet of flowers, treated us to a Buck’s Fizz-eque costume reveal when they pull a strap, changing their dresses from black to a white bridal dress. Simple but effective.

I think this song will perform quite well. Not only is it fun and has the novelty factor of Epic Sax Guy, but I think audiences will appreciate the change in tone in the running order. Moldova will perform in the number 7 slot, which follows Armenia and the Netherlands and is follwed by Hungary, all of which are slow ballads.

My Ranking: 14th

My Prediction: 10th in the Final

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