Review: Ukraine- O. Torvald ‘Time’


IMG_5521Ukraine will defend their Eurovision crown when rock band O. Torvald performs ‘Time’ in the 2017 Grand Final. Are they in with a chance of doing the double or is their ‘Time’ over?

O. Torvald’s song ‘Time’ couldn’t be further from Jamala’s ‘1944’ which won the Contest last year. While Jamala’s highly emotional performance of her epic ballad won over the hearts of audiences across Europe for its message of hope while commemorating the victims of the Tatar evictions from the Crimean region, O. Torvald take a different fact. Instead they will perform a high octane rock song with heavy metal guitars, an angry vocal and drums aplenty.

The lyrics to the song could be conceived as political, but if it is it is more generic and a more subtle political message than what we got with Jamala. Take for instance:

‘Slow down, give me some time

Turn down the volume of your cry

Let’s take time to find a place without violence

Let’s listen and hear the true meaning of silence’

While this could be interpreted as a commentary on the on going violence between the Russians and Ukrainians over the Crimean region, it could just as easily be about a relationship that has fallen apart.

The staging for the song has undergone several transformations and judging by the clip played in last night’s semi final, they seem to have changed this for the worse. Initially the staging had a giant ticking clock starting at three minutes and working its way down to zero. In addition to this each of the members in the band had a prosthetic, almost zombie like make up on that appeared to have more ticking clocks melted into their skin. A highly effective and memorable image. However, they seem to have got rid of this in favour of a giant luminescent skull.

I don’t think Ukraine are in any danger of a back to back win and they may just about squeeze a top 20 placing, due to a more prominent position in the running order.

My Ranking: 18th

My Prediction: 19th in the Final

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