Review: Switzerland- Timebelle ‘Apollo’

Named after a famous bell tower landmark in Bern, Switzerland’s artist for 2017 is Timebelle. Consisting of a female singer and all male band they will deliver the song ‘Apollo’ in the second semi final. How will they fare?

Vocalist Miruna Mănescu injects some much needed glamour into Eurovision 2017. Her vocal is regal and debonair as she sings about love, and perhaps even more specifically a love of music. Apollo, the song’s title, was the Greek god of music and the lyrics sing about how when lost and searching for meaning, that they will follow Apollo.

The lyrics are interesting and highly effective from beginning to end. The opening lyrics stick in your mind:

‘Like a bullet in my chest,
You’re written, bound and etched
Forever in my mind’

The video emphasises the glamour even more with Miruna showing off a number of sophisticated dresses. The video seems to span two time frames: one where the grand stately home setting is in ruins and one when it is fully utilised. Among the fray are some older people dancing vibrantly and enjoying themselves which is refreshing, especially when it is interspersed with the band performing in a modern setting- a darkened room lit only by the occasional strobe light effect.

I do enjoy this song very much, but I feel given the high calibre of entries in semi final 2, it will get lost in the other bigger numbers. This is especially the case when they will perform just before the high energy Belorussian song. My prediction is that Timebelle will just about miss out on a place in the Final.

My Ranking: 19th

My Prediction: 11th in Semi Final 2 (Will not progress to Final)


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