Review: Serbia- Tijana Bogićević ‘In Too Deep’


Tijana will fly the flag for Serbia in 2017. She will open proceedings in Semi Final 2 later this evening when she performs her Eurovision song ‘In Too Deep’. But will she sink or will she swim? Here’s what I think!

When I heard that Serbia would be singing a song called ‘In Too Deep’ all I could think about was the Sum41 song with the same title. While Tijana does little to evoke the pop punk stylings of the Canadian emo band, what she offers is  in many ways something much better. An epic pop song which starts out soft and mid tempo, until we get to the banger of a chorus with a phenomenal change in tone, rhythm and tempo. Tijana gives it all she’s got with great gusto as she belts out the chorus.

Lyrically the song focuses essentially on falling in love and all the emotions, feelings and baggage that come with that and the helplessness to do anything to stop it. These lines that echo throughout the song vividly portray this:

‘Coz I’m in too deep

And I’m trying to keep

Up above in my head

Instead I’m going under’

‘Won’t somebody save me tonight?
Feels like I’ve been sentenced to life
I’m falling so deep, I’m in too deep
I’m falling so deep’

The video has a wide array of settings from the circus skills Tijana displays spinning in a large hoop strategically to the lyrics ‘You spin me around…’ to the big splash that she makes when she plunges into the water (again strategically) to the lyrics ‘I’m in too deep’. The video is vibrant, colourful and visually rewarding. Hopefully she brings some of these elements to her staging later this evening.

I’d like to see this song squeeze into the final, as I feel we need to up the fun factor this year. Already too many ballads have made it into the final and we don’t want wall to wall slow songs with serious messages!

My Ranking: 16th

My Prediction: 23rd in the Final

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