Review: Estonia- Koit Toome & Laura ‘Verona’


Semi Final Two seems to be all about the duos. Estonia join the fray with Koit Toome (whose uncle was Prime Minister of Estonia for 2 years) teaming up with Laura for the song ‘Verona’.

‘Verona’ evokes that famous Shakespearean tragic couple with its title and some of the lyrics. By mentioning the title characters by name ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or location ‘Verona’, Koit and Laura are able to immediately set up a tragic love story in their song, giving it a modern twist.

The song is an instant hit with its pop vibe kicking in from the opening chord. The two singers’ voices compliment each other well and the hook of ‘we are lost in Verona’ permeates the entire song- so it will effectively lodge itself in the listeners’ brain after just one listen.

The official music video is simple, with the two singers all in black facing away from each other, delivering their lines as the lyrics fade in and out on the screen in a cloudy mist.

I do enjoy this song, and feel it is deserving of a place in the final. I think it could well place just inside of the top ten, but I don’t think it will challenge for the win.

My Ranking: 10th

My Prediction: 9th in the Final

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